Simple Tips to Attract More Tourists to Your Local Restaurant

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Simple Tips to Attract More Tourists to Your Local Restaurant

There are many tourists in Australia during the holiday season, and as a business owner, you’re probably searching for new ideas to turn this opportunity into profit. There are many ways to attract these tourists to your restaurant, and if you do it right, you’ll always be fully booked!

So, what does a local business owner in Australia need to do to show tourists why their restaurant is an excellent place where they can grab a bite and relax? Well, stay with us, because you’re just about to find out.

Be on international online platforms

Just like any other business owner, you need to learn how to promote your products online. Although many tourists from around the globe want to visit Australia, and maybe even your restaurant, chances they already know about your business are pretty low. So, the best thing you can do is become visible on international online platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and, more importantly, restaurant and dining apps.

Promoting yourself on tourist apps and encouraging your guests to leave a positive review will catch the eye of the app users, especially if they’re looking for a restaurant that serves unique dishes or want to indulge in a certain type of food.

Display your menu outside

When tourists wander around the city, they eventually get tired of walking and want to find a lovely place where they can dine and take a break. But, with so many options available, it’s often difficult to determine where to order food. With that in mind, you can attract more tourists to your restaurant by clearly displaying your menu outside.

Once the tourists can see what you have to offer, it will be easier for them to make a decision. In addition, be sure to include the price, so that people know how much would they have to spend if they decide to try some of your most famous dishes and specials.

Offer something more

Tourists, and customers in general, prefer to spend money on experiences than on material items. Therefore, to ensure you get more visits during the vacation season, it would be best to give something to people that money can’t buy. So, for example, maybe a free cocktail for every served dish is what it takes to attract more hungry visitors. Or, you could offer a tour of your kitchen and show tourists where the tastiest dishes on your menu are made.

Whether you want to improve your customer dining experience by offering discounts or hiring a band to improve your restaurant’s atmosphere, you can attract more tourists by offering something unique that other local restaurant owners can’t provide.

Enhance your outdoor dining area

One of the main reasons you should improve the outdoor dining area is because this simple alteration can help you drive sales and attract more customers. Boosting your restaurant ambience and providing more seating options will not only attract tourists but your local customers as well.

Once you expand your outdoor dining space, you can expect your customer base to expand by at least 30-40%. So, if you want to give your outdoor area a new look, find intricately designed pergolas in Sydney and provide more seating options that will improve your restaurant and its image and attract more customers.

Next, decorate your dining area with ambient lighting, candles and greenery, and don’t forget to include other decorative elements such as flowers that will enhance the social atmosphere. By combining these design elements, you’ll create a cosy outdoor area that reminds everyone of an enchanted garden.

Partner with other local businesses

Last but not least, consider joining forces with other businesses that serve tourists, including nearby hotels, motels or museums. Partnering with a local hotel can drive high traffic volumes to your restaurant, especially if the hotels in question have turned their backs to dine-in options.

So, be sure to visit some local hotels and show them what you’re offering. It’s a well-known fact that every concierge wants to have many offerings for guests’ different preferences, and promoting your restaurant is a win-win for them. Once you have their trust and they are comfortable in suggesting your restaurants to their guests, you’ll have tourists dining in your restaurant long after the holiday season has ended.


Tourists are very important customers for all restaurant owners, which is why it’s advisable to consider these strategies before giving up and blending in with the rest of the crowd. Although it takes time and patience to become more visible to tourists and local customers, be persistent until you transform your restaurant into a place that makes people want to book a dinner weeks in advance.

You already know that innovative marketing strategies are what keeps your business alive and flourishing. Give these ideas a try, and we assure you that there will be more tourists dining at your place during the next holiday season.

Grace Wilson

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