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Post-Party Clean Up Tips to Make Your House Spotless

No matter what the occasion is, hosting a larger group of people will leave you with quite a large mess that you will have to tackle in the morning. Even though it is everybody’s least favourite thing to do, it just has to be done, especially if you are renting out an Airbnb. If you are experiencing a post-party mess, here are some of the best tips that will make your house spotless in no time.

Have Cleaning Supplies On Hand

When the last guests leave your home, you will likely want to attack the cleaning of your home as soon as possible. But many people just don’t feel like going out for all the different cleaning supplies and just leave the cleaning for the morning. The thing that will help the most with this task is to consider shopping for cleaning supplies before your event starts. This will provide you with all the cleaning supplies without having to drive all the way to the supermarket, potentially hungover, just to buy cleaning supplies.

Start With The Largest Mess First

Even though most will be tempted to save the messiest part of the house for last, that will only make it worse and you will procrastinate. The quickest way to tackle the whole mess is to start by doing the biggest mess first. It will allow you to work your way to the smallest task without feeling too overwhelmed. But, if there are stains that need immediate attention, always put the product on them first and then tackle the biggest mess so the stain remover can start working.

Avoid Trying To Multitask

Cleaning a house after a party is a challenging and very time-consuming task, no matter how much mess there is. But where a lot of people go wrong is trying to multitask, and that is why it takes super long. Make sure that you are cleaning your room one at a time. That way you will dedicate time and attention to every room and ensure that it is ocean before you go on to the next one.

Set Up Two Garbage Bins

Setting up two bins that you will have when cleaning will make everything much faster and environmentally friendly. Have one bag that will be for things like napkins, paper plates or cups and the other one for food scraps. If there are two people cleaning the house this will make it easier to divide and conquer.

Load Up The Dishwasher

Is there anything more life-draining than waking up and seeing a house filled with dirty dishes? Make sure that you are loading up and rinsing all the dishes before going to bed no matter how tired you are. Because if you leave them overnight, they become crusty and a pain to wash. If you don’t have a dishwasher, make sure that you are placing all the dishes into your sink and filling them with water and soap.

Call For Help

There is no shame in asking for help when it comes to cleaning your house. If you just can’t tackle the whole mess on your own and get all the stains out, make sure that you are looking for house cleaning companies that can come in and help you.

Wipe Furniture And Clean Stains
Once you have all your dishes managed, you have to make sure that you are tending to all the stains. Make sure that you are looking for those tricky sticky stains on the furniture. With the help of an all-purpose cleaner, you will be able to clean them in no time. Once you are already there making sure that you are polishing up all the surfaces that still have fingerprints all over them.

Rotate and Fluff All The Cushions

When there are a lot of people at your house sitting around the sofa, it is very likely that your cushions will be worn out and misshapen. That is why you should rotate them and fluff them up and it will instantly make your house look more put together.

Dividing Up The Tasks

If you are not living alone, or you do and you have lovely friends, why not ask them for help. Diving up the work will make the cleaning process much faster as well as more fun as you are not doing it all alone.

Encourage Your Guests

One of the best things that you can do that will make cleaning much faster and easier is simply asking your guests to be mindful. Ask them to throw away their dirty plates or just be mindful about spilling things.

Use Disposable Things

Another great thing that will help with post-party cleanups is using single-use things like utensils, cups as well as dishes and tablecloths. They can be found at any supermarket or bigger party store as well as your local dollar store. Even though it will save you a lot of time when it comes to cleanups, it is not the most eco-conscious option. But if it is not a regular occurrence, getting to just pile up the dishes on the linens and throw all of it away in just a second might be a good option. But if you try hard enough you might be able to find more suitable options for this such as using bamboo straws as well as biodegradable tablecloths.

Mop the Floors

Make sure that you are mopping up the floors to remove all the drips, spills or just dirt that came off people’s shoes.

Clean Bathroom Surfaces

When you have a lot of people in your house, it is very likely that your bathroom is dishevelled. Spray it down with a strong disinfectant and leave it to work for at least 10 minutes. Then you want to wipe everything down like faucets, doorknobs as well as the toilet seat. But don’t forget the floors too.

As you can see, there are so many things that you can do that will make the whole cleaning process much easier. It is important that you stay focused on the task and go through everything and there are no hidden messes.

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