Planning a Trip? Here’s How to Choose Your Next Destination

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Planning a Trip? Here’s How to Choose Your Next Destination

Many of us have been trapped in our houses for almost two years, so it’s normal to see us itching to explore the world again. If you’re a traveler who can’t wait to start practicing their hobby again, here’s how you can choose the best destination for your next trip. Take notes and feel free to put your twist on this guide:

Consider your time

Start with how much free time you have for traveling. Do you only have time for a weekend trip? Maybe a 10-day vacation or even an extended stay? If you consider your location and how much time you have for traveling, some destinations will automatically fall to the bottom of your list. Make sure not to cram too many things into a short vacation—you won’t get any rest while also not being able to enjoy any activity or site.

Think of your companions

Is your next trip going to be a solo adventure or a family trip? Or maybe you’re planning a romantic getaway for two? Some trips are reserved for your best friends, so you might be planning a girl’s or guy’s trip. If you’re traveling alone, some places might be too dangerous or too boring to experience without companions. On the other hand, kids won’t have too much fun in Vegas or Ibiza where the focus is on adult fun. There’s no formula to say which place is the right for your traveling party, so just follow common sense, and you will get to narrow down your destination choices.

Consider up-and-coming destinations

Italy, Costa Rica and Bali are all amazing, but they can seriously hurt your budget and leave you wanting more, especially if you’re planning a longer stay. Don’t automatically go for the most popular destination, but consider some hidden gems and some amazing new spots. For instance, Montenegro is a small Adriatic jewel and one of Europe’s fastest-growing tourist destinations. It’s small, beautiful, friendly, and most of all cheap. Up-and-coming Montenegro has amazing prospects in Kotor, Tivat and Bar, no matter if you’re looking for a modest condo or a seafront villa. Thanks to its relatively incognito status is affordable for now with many great real estate prospects. Hidden gems should never be dismissed, otherwise, you might be missing an opportunity to have a vacation of your life!

Determine your budget

To expand on the subject above, it’s crucial to figure out how much money you can spend on your trip while enjoying all the luxuries you want to experience. For instance, are you ready to compromise and stay in a hostel so you can see all the pricy attractions? Or do you prefer to spend money on comfort? Are you willing to eat street food on your more lux destination or do you prefer to eat like royalty somewhere generally less exclusive? This will help you narrow down your choices of destinations.

What kind of weather do you want to experience?

The weather plays a very important role on your vacation, so consider whether you prefer pleasantly cool temperatures for exploration and hiking or are you planning to spend all of your time soaking up the sun at the beach. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that traveling during the peak season will boost both the crowds and the prices. In many cases, you can save money and have a more pleasant and stress-free vacation if you choose the shoulder season. The only con to shoulder season is that the weather might be different and not exactly perfect for enjoying your favorite activities.

Check the deals

Independent travel gives you a ton of freedom on your trip, but it also includes a lot of planning. If you want to relax and still not break the bank, you can check out all-inclusive or partially-inclusive spots with flat fees for the hotel, transport and food. If you want to get even better deals, sign up for agencies’ discount programs or become a part of a company that has loyalty programs.

Traveling is one of the biggest joys in the world and it can benefit your life in all ways imaginable. And if you choose the right destination for your trip, your travel experience will be even better!

Diana Smith

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