How Your Elderly Parents Can Achieve an Australian Visa

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How Your Elderly Parents Can Achieve an Australian Visa

Undoubtedly, taking care of your elderly parents can usually prove a challenge, especially if you work full time in a foreign country like Australia. But one of the benefits of living in a country like Australia is the many opportunities and visas it provides for immigrants. Although the visa options for aged relatives are rather plenty, the requirements are often challenging to meet or hard to understand for people who don’t have access to the internet. While posting a blog about it might not the aged parents themselves, it might prove useful for children who aim to bring their parents to Australia with them. Today, we will discuss the many visa options available for aged parents and the requirements and conditions that need to be met in order to gain permanent residency in Australia. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Visa Options For Aged Parents

If you want to bring your aged parent to Australia, there are several temporary and permanent visa options that you might want to know about. Those visas are as follows:

Parent Visa Subclass 103
The holders of this visa can live, study and work in Australia for as long as they like. If eligible, they can also apply for Australian citizenship and health care, include partners or their partners’ children/stepchildren, and travel anywhere in Australia.

Aged Parent Visa Subclass 804
The aged parent visa 804 is basically the same as the one above. The only difference is that for the aged parent visa, the parent must be old enough to receive the age pension in Australia (which is usually older than 65).

Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 143
Those who hold the contributory parent visa can also live, work and study in Australia for an indefinite amount of time. Most of the benefits of a contributory parent visa subclass 143 are the same as the parent visa subclass 103. The most significant differences are the cost and the priority. The contributory parent visas are more expensive than the normal parent visas and consequently, are given precedence over the normal parent visas. The processing time of the normal parent visas could be up to 30 years, while the contributory visas only take up to 3 years. If the high cost doesn’t bother you, you should go with a contributory visa.

Contributory Aged Parent Visa Subclass 864
Basically, same as the one above. The only difference is that the applicants’ age (parents) must be more than 65 in order to get the age pension from the Australian government.

The Requirements for Parent Visas

Here are the requirements of the parent visas:

  • The sponsor (the child in Australia) must be at least 18 years old or have passed at least two years in Australia after being granted their visas. They can also be an eligible citizen of New Zealand. If the child in question can’t be the sponsor, the applicant must rely on an eligible community organisation.
  • The applicant (the parent) must meet the health and character requirements.
  • The applicant and the sponsor must meet the balance-of-the-family test (read below for more information).
  • The applicant must have an assurance of support, meaning they won’t be in need of government support after gaining entry.
  • The applicant must not have any dept to the Australian government.
  • Everything should be in the best interest of the child.
  • FOR AGED PARENT VISAS, the parent must be old enough to receive the age pension in Australia (usually older than 65)

Important Notes

1.The Eligibility of The Sponsor:
In order to lodge for a parent visa, you must have a child who is older than 18 and an eligible resident of Australia or a citizen of New Zealand. If your child hasn’t met those requirements yet, other options are available. For example, your child’s spouse can sponsor you to meet the said requirements. If not, you must resort to these alternatives instead:

  • A close relative of your child (who is older than 18 and a permanent resident of Australia/New Zealand) can sponsor you.
  • The guardian of the child can sponsor you.
  • A community organisation can sponsor you.

2.Balance of The Family Test:
The purpose of this test is to evaluate the connection you have with your children to Australia and if your family links are strong enough with your eligible children. For your children to be considered “eligible”, they must be:

  • an Australian citizen
  • a New Zealand citizen
  • a permanent resident in Australia living in either Australia or New Zealand

3.The price:
Here is a list of prices for all of the visas mentioned above. Just keep in mind that the numbers might differ depending on when you read this. Also, these are for the lodgment of the visas only. There might be additional fees for document translation, different tests etc.

  • Parent Visa Subclass 103: AUD6,490
  • Aged Parent Visa Subclass 804: AUD6,490
  • Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 143: AUD47,825
  • Contributory Aged Parent Visa Subclass 143: AUD47,825
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