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How to plan a memorable destination wedding party?

Even though planning a small destination wedding might seem like less work than organizing a local wedding, think again. Weddings are complex events that imply a lot of intricate details. And a destination wedding can be even a tad more difficult to organize as it’s usually an unfamiliar place in question. And you also need to think about the guests as well. However, a destination wedding is a two for one deal – you get both your wedding and a honeymoon, too. Destination weddings have gained such popularity due to their uniqueness and magic. It simply feels fairy-tale like and that’s why people decide to go for it. Nothing feels too hard for such amazing wedding memories.

Nevertheless, you can organize a memorable destination wedding party with a few useful tips and tricks we’re about to share with you. So, first of all, choose the destination of your dreams. Then, to make sure everything is perfect, hire a local wedding planner and to cut the costs, go all-local. The modern age has made it easier for us to communicate and share ideas, so use this to your advantage. Make a wedding website for your guests. Intrigued? Read on to learn more about that. Of course, it is obvious that you should limit your guest list. Let your guests know well in advance so they can prepare for travelling abroad. And it would be good to visit the destination before booking, if possible.

Choose a destination to your liking

When it comes to choosing a suitable destination for your wedding, the sky is the limit. You can opt for any exotic destination that you’ve dreamed of at some point in your life. However, you need to be mindful of a couple of things. When you make a list of your top wedding destinations, you should make sure that it is completely appropriate for you and your needs. What does that exactly mean? Well, first of all, it should be safe – health and politics-wise. None of your guests should feel uncomfortable due to their sexual preferences, religion or gender. It also needs to have all the resources you require. For instance, the destination needs to have the capability to accommodate all your guests and provide for their basic needs.

Hire a local wedding planner

Even though having a wedding planner isn’t a necessity, it’s surely a good thing, especially when you’re far away from home. Hiring a local wedding planner, wherever your wedding is, is going to make things so much easier and done faster. This will save you hours and hours on the phone, calling, asking for information and then calling some more. Also, other issues can be related to a language barrier and generally, the difficulty of making big decisions from miles away. For instance, if you’ve always wanted to hire a wedding photo booth on your big day, a local planner can make it happen in a snap of a finger. By having a pro make all your wishes come true, you can relax and await the big day in joy.

Go all-local

Similarly to the previous tip, going all-local as far as other essential things are concerned is cost-saving. For instance, check out the local flowers and use them for decoration instead of classic roses or lilacs. As for the food and drinks, try some local specialties and go for them – your guests are going to love trying out some new things. However, be mindful about this – not everyone likes experimenting with food, so don’t pick out too strange food. This doesn’t mean that you’re skimping – quite the opposite – you’re offering your guests a chance to fully embrace the beauty of the destination.

Think about creating a wedding website

Creating a wedding website is quite popular nowadays, justifiably. This is a perfect way to let your guests get familiar with the destination. You can post all of the important information there along with useful photos and videos. This saves you time as you don’t have to phone each person individually and repeat the same things.

Limit your guest list

Destination weddings tend to be small, intimate gatherings, so you need to be careful when it comes to making your guest list. Start well in advance and note down who you’d like to be there. Attending a destination wedding tends to cost more due to travel and accommodation expenses. So, people who are not so close to you probably won’t have the need to spend so much money on it. Thus, to avoid awkward conversations and guest cancelling, be mindful and limited about the attendees.

Visit beforehand

Depending on the destination you’ve chosen, this is perhaps not always possible. However, if you can visit the destination before booking it, perfect. If not, it’s also not a problem. In that case, it would be good to go to the destination a few days before the wedding. This will allow you enough time to get to know the place and for final touchups. It will decrease the potential stress stemming from the unknown.

There’s nothing more memorable than having a perfect destination wedding, surrounded by beautiful scenery and dear people. And you can have it with these simple tips and tricks.

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