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How to Have a Perfect First Trip as a Couple

When you’re in a new relationship, you can expect to have a lot of firsts—first family dinner, first shared event and first trip together. The latter one is probably the most enjoyable and exciting, but only if you know a few tips to handle your first vacation as a couple. To avoid disappointment and even a few arguments, here what you want to do to have a perfect couple’s trip:

Run everything by your partner

You still don’t know your partner that well, so you can’t just take over the planning process and leave them in the dark. Both of you need to be involved in the planning process so you don’t book snowboarding lessons for your partner who has been on the slopes for years or opt for sailing when your partner suffers from motion sickness. A vacation is not the time to pretend you enjoy certain activities when you, in fact, hate them—you want both parties to have fun and be comfortable.

Assign roles

Don’t hesitate to assign travel roles between you and your partner. Play off your strengths: if you’re good at communication, take over the reservations, ordering and asking questions on your trip, and if your partner is good at driving and navigating, let them be your “guide” through the journey. The “you complete me” approach is great for new couples (and old ones) because it gives everyone a purpose and makes each party feel like they have an important role in the vacation. It’s also a great chance to see whether your boyfriend or girlfriend will be a responsible partner in the future.

Discuss your budget

Finances can be a tricky subject in the early days of your relationship, but make sure both of you are on the same page about expenses. This will prevent any awkward moments and future debts due to overly exclusive vacations. If you know you can’t follow your partner when it comes to money or vice versa, express your concerns while you’re planning your vacation, so both of you can be comfortable with the expenses. Couples who met on popular sugar dating apps usually have the same interests and expectations because that’s how the app works by connecting wealthy men with fun and adventurous women. These ensure an honest connection that doesn’t require any reservations about the money. However, not every couple is so open about finances, so make sure to have the talk.

Talk intimacy

In the movies or TV shows, it seems that all people do while traveling is have sex. However, not every part of traveling is relaxing and hot—you’ll often go the days eating too much, drinking too much, sweating and going on adventures that leave you exhausted. If you want to have a lot of intimate moments on your trip, discuss this in advance. If your partner needs a full-on romantic atmosphere to relax somewhere away from home, this is the time to share that information. And remember, if either of you is feeling pressured and stressed to perform on your trip, you’re not going to have fun at all.

Understand each other’s stress triggers

Your first trip might be just perfect, but it can also be full of different unfortunate events that cause a lot of stress. Since you don’t have any experience solving complicated issues together just yet, it’s best to talk about them in advance and be prepared. For instance, see how you can solve the following travel issues: a missed flight, lost luggage, a bad hotel room, theft, etc. Having plans for these situations can save you a lot of stress and spare the other person from having to endure any angry words or actions from you due to being triggered.

Give each other space

You might want to spend as much time with your new partner during your trip, but if you’re still early in your relationship, make sure to practice separation as well. Giving each other space is very healthy and often necessary on trips. Don’t neglect your independence, and try to enjoy your trip even when you’re not with your partner. For instance, bring a book you can read at the beach while your partner snorkels, book a relaxing solo massage, or put on headphones for an evening stroll.

If you follow our easy-to-remember tips, your first trip as a couple will be the first of many. As long as you’re open, understanding and reasonable about time, space and money, you’ll enjoy every second of your trip!

Diana Smith

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