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How to Ace Travelling with a Newborn

When the holiday season begins, many families head off on a trip and for some, this might be the first time they’re travelling with a newborn baby. Family vacations can be challenging, particularly with a baby on board so some families choose to delay longer trips and stay in the local areas for day trips, but some decide to venture into real family adventures away from home.

Here are some tips that may help you ace travelling with a newborn, so everything goes smoothly and everyone gets to have fun!

Keep your expectations low

Taking the first trip with a baby can be intimidating!  Most moms feel incredibly stressed and overwhelmed during preparations, but as long as you stay organised and stick to your packing checklist, it will go well. It also helps to set your expectations low. Focus on the simple things on your agenda – getting to the destination at the end of the day even if you’re all dirty and tired!

Take the pressure off of yourself and let go of the idea of a perfect trip! Once you do that, you’ll be able to enjoy the little things and precious moments which are what really make up a great travelling experience.   


Whether you’re travelling by car or plane, always have one special tote bag with an abundance of extra items. You never know if there’ll be some kind of an emergency or a delay, so it’s better to be overprepared. Pack things such as extra diapers, wet wipes, toys, chargers, water bottles, baby clothes and mommy clothes, thin blankets and similar items. You probably won’t need most of them, but it’ll give you peace of mind knowing you’re prepared for the unexpected.

Pack new toys

Babies are very sensitive to changes and can be very attentive to the world around them. Their little minds and bodies need a lot of simulation to help their development into happy, functional and creative individuals, and toys here play an important part. Make sure you pack a few new toys as well as the old, familiar ones.  Sometimes little things such as a new book or even an empty water bottle can provide entertainment for hours on end for your child.

There are plenty of sensory and educational infant toys you can choose to keep your baby interested on your exciting journey. Plushies, comfort toys, teethers, and educational toys will foster creativity, hand-eye coordination and even problem-solving skills at early stages.

Driving with a New Baby

If you’re travelling by car, make sure your tote bag with extras is next to you and the baby. Having easy access to different toys and activities will keep the baby occupied when not sleeping. Also, make sure you’ve packed a small soft-sided cooler bag where you keep the baby’s bottles with water and formula. Once your baby grows a bit and starts eating solids, you’ll be able to pack there healthy snacks for the road.

Every time you take a break, take the baby out for a walk either in the travel stroller or in a baby wrap. If you’re spending a night at a hotel, it helps to bring your own foldable crib and bedsheets – your baby will recognise its feel and smell which helps a lot with sleeping.

Flying with a New Baby

Flying with your new baby is not that different to driving in terms of preparation. You basically need the same things, such as a pre-packed tote bag to carry on the plane, a small travel stroller and a baby carrier.

The only difference is in the preboarding time. This is the key time when you should make sure you’ve got everything covered – check your bags and supplies, have your documents ready and use the restrooms to change the baby’s diaper, refill bottles and freshen up. So, then you can board the plane early and have enough time to get settled.

Once you’ve got organised, relax and enjoy the trip. You’re finally out of the house, away from the chores and you can have fun with the family!

Diana Smith

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