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How Internet Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business Online

Businesses need to keep up with the rapid evolution of digital technologies. To maximize brand reach and boost marketing ROI, many companies are making a shift to online marketing. 

From SEO to social media advertising, internet marketing helps you grow your small business in multiple ways. Here are some of them.

Creating Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing helps you narrow down your online exposure and reach out to specific people interested in your products and services.

Once you collect customer data and perform thorough competitor research, you can create buyer personas. These data-driven, semi-fictional customer representations help you understand your customers. That way, you can make informed marketing decisions and allocate your budget more strategically.

For example, SEO helps you optimize your website for location-specific keywords. You can also target niche-specific phrases. For instance, if you have published a video about soccer, you can optimize it for relevant terms, such as back foot sports, keeping possession, foot skills, etc.

PPC is another effective way to target your audiences. Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Ads let you decide who can see your ads. You can segment audiences by age, gender, hobbies, occupation, and other factors.

Providing Measurable Results

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing campaigns have no room for guesswork. Every tactic you apply, from email marketing to pay-per-click ads, is easy to track and analyze. 

There is a wide range of digital marketing analytics tools you can use. Your choices depend on your marketing strategy. 

For example, Google Analytics may serve as your solid starting point.

Optimizely helps you carry out A/B tests on your website pages and determine which version works the best. 

SEMrush helps you understand what your competitors are doing.

Crowdbooster analyzes the performance of your social media marketing campaigns.

Cyfe is an all-in-one dashboard that integrates with a wide array of digital marketing tools. You can track your digital marketing campaigns and KPIs from a single platform.

The measurability of digital marketing helps you make adjustments on the go. Most importantly, you can see which tactics work or not for you. Based on that, you can minimize unnecessary marketing expenses and redirect your budget to the marketing tactics that work.

Reducing Marketing Expenses

One of the most common problems small businesses face is their limited budgets. Traditional marketing channels, such as TV commercials, billboards, and print advertising materials, often cost an arm and a leg. On the other hand, they often do not deliver the results you expect.

While they often increase your brand exposure, they do not necessarily target the right audiences. Your goal is to attract the prospects interested in your products and convert them into paying customers. 

Digital marketing, on the other hand, helps you reduce expenses in multiple ways.

By tracking metrics, such as your marketing ROI, increment sales, or returning visitors, you can understand how your campaigns resonate with your audiences. Based on these factors, you can formulate a consistent brand strategy that addresses customer needs and problems.

Sure, digital marketing is not free. However, it is more affordable than its offline counterpart. SEO, organic social media marketing, email marketing, paid ads, and content marketing are investments in the long run. They let you boost brand visibility and awareness, drive more relevant leads, and convert them faster.

Delivering Personalized User Experiences

With the help of mobile apps, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, brands can deliver highly personalized customer experiences.

For example, you can track customer behaviors on your website. These include their past purchases, product views, carts abandoned, etc. Based on this information, you can offer more relevant product recommendations on your website and send segmented email newsletters.

Retargeted ads are another example of personalized user experiences. When a customer abandons your website without converting, they start seeing your ads online. They remind a consumer to get back to the website and finalize the purchase.

Virtual reality technologies enhance user experiences, too. For example, Vroom has a VR-powered showroom that lets customers experience car models from their homes. Customers can browse car models, take 360-degree test drives, and even hear the engine sound.

Over to You

Digital marketing is necessary to any brand looking to gain a competitive advantage in the fierce small business landscape. It helps you reduce marketing costs, measure campaign results, target the right audiences, and deliver relevant content to everyone. I hope these insights help!

How does digital marketing benefit your company’s growth! Please, share your thoughts with us!

Eve Anderson

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