How Can I Make My Road Trip Even More Fun?

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How Can I Make My Road Trip Even More Fun?

How Can I Make My Road Trip Even More Fun?

The holiday is just around the corner and the rental car is reserved. All vouchers are printed, you have your passport, driver’s license and credit card with you. You are ready for it. Or can you still add something extra to your suitcase to make your road trip even more enjoyable? Voyage Nomad gave three tips to make your road trip even more fun.

1.Find your way with your own navigation device

No matter how adventurous it may sound to find the right route at your holiday destination, in the old-fashioned way with a route map or simply by following all the signs, I find it more convenient to be able to drive to your accommodation or other destination in one go. Certainly after a long flight or day tour. You can of course rent a GPS with the rental car, but the costs are usually calculated per rental day and can therefore increase considerably. Sunny Cars offers a cheaper alternative with the GP package at many destinations , with a navigation system included in the price. But of course it is most advantageous if you take a GPS from home.

2. Charge your devices on the road with a car charger

How useful is it to be able to charge your phone, tablet or camera during your drive? That’s why I always take a car charger with me, preferably with a double USB connection. A very compact thing, so it fits easily in your hand luggage. Make sure you have a USB connection or else a connection cable for your devices.
At some destinations you can even rent a mobile WiFi system with your car, ideal for searching accommodations, restaurants, beautiful routes and other tips while on the road. And of course to share nice vacation photos with your friends and family. A car charger is then absolutely indispensable.

3. Listen to your favorite music via an AUX cable

Of course you can assume that the rental car is equipped with an audio system. But there are so many different types that you are not sure whether you can connect your own music (via telephone or other portable media player) to it. If you, like me, are attached to your own music, I recommend taking an AUX cable with you. This is a cable with a round connection on both sides. Super handy and it hardly takes up any space in your luggage. Ideal, because this way you can enjoy all your favorite songs on the go.

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