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Guide to a Backcountry Hiking Honeymoon in Australia

Many travel agents and wedding planners see that there’s a new honeymoon trend emerging. It was previously thought that romance and hiking don’t really mix, but more and more couples are proving everyone wrong by coming home from their hiking honeymoons with a ton of gorgeous pictures and romantic moments.

If you’re interested in doing something like that for your honeymoon this year, you’re making the right choice. Hiking through backcountry might be the safest way to have an adventure in 2021 and there’s no better destination to visit than Australia. This country will treat you to rugged landscapes, exciting activities, unique wildlife and amazing hosts that will stay in your memory forever. However, don’t just pack a bag and think you’re ready to conquer Australia on foot. This country is massive and you need a lot of time and skills to have a great adventure. Luckily, here are a few tips you can keep in mind while preparing for your special backcountry hiking honeymoon in Oz.

When to book your adventure?

Since Australia is located on the southern hemisphere, their spring lasts from September to November and their summer is from December to February. If you love hot weather and want to catch some sun and splash in the ocean during your trip, the Australian summer will provide you with everything you need.

But, keep in mind that these harsh temperatures are not super suitable for hardcore backcountry hiking trips. If you can wait until the Australian fall (March to May) or winter (June to August), you will be greeted with a relatively mild climate. In case you want to have a big honeymoon vacation, keep in mind that Australia is truly huge and you’ll need at least a month to have a proper look at what it has to offer.

Come up with your daily budget

Sure, the whole point of a honeymoon is to spend time with your spouse away from all the fuss, but you also want to have a little bit of fun and that costs a pretty penny. You can travel Australia on a budget, especially if you’re hiking, but some experiences like camping at Uluru or sailing to Whitsunday Islands can be expensive. If you already have your bucket list of things you want to see on your hiking trip, factor all the costs into your budget and you won’t have to worry about your bankroll once you arrive and start your adventure.

Find good accommodation

Just because you’re backpacking through the country, it doesn’t mean you have to stay in your small tent every night. Every once in a while, you can take a more luxurious road and book a nice hotel or a private Airbnb. The beauty of these breaks from hiking is that you can recover your body, recharge, take a hot bath and just enjoy your spouse’s company in comfort. It’s also a great opportunity to be intimate with your husband/wife (tents are not perfect for that sort of action).

Order some practical adult toys to bring with you just to make the event a little bit more special. They will not take too much of your precious backpack space but will make a difference in your sex life!

Must-see destinations

One of the most famous landmarks in Australia is Uluru and it’s attractive to both hikers and glampers. This sacred rock is located in the Australian Outback (the vast desert interior of the continent). While it’s super fun to explore its surroundings on foot, you will need some sort of transport to get there (it takes a couple of days to get there by car). Once you arrive, you’ll be blown away by the landscape. Plus, sleeping under the starry sky is one of the most romantic things you can do on your honeymoon.

If you find yourself in Western Australia, you can take a gorgeous Cape to Cape track. You will start your hike at the lighthouse of Cape Naturaliste and finish at the lighthouse of Cape Leeuwin, hence the name of the track—Cape to Cape. The walk will take you along the Margaret River coast and through a national park. Expect to set aside five to seven days for this hike, but if you’re short on time, you can choose easier sections you will conquer in half-day or single-day walks.

The Great Ocean Road is probably the most famous route for road trippers in Australia, but you can also enjoy it on foot. Winding along the country’s most spectacular stretch of coastline, this trek stretches for 110 kilometers, so you’ll need a few days to complete it. During the entire hike, you will be mind-blown by the power of nature, especially when you reach the stretch going from Princetown to Glenample. Here, you will see the famous Twelve Apostles, a dramatic rock formation rising out of the ocean— it’s truly something. 

Consider getting a car

You can easily combine your hike with a little bit of road tripping since Australia is fantastic for driving. Having a car will provide you with all the freedom you need (and some rest for your feet) so you can hit as many trails as you can. It’s also very easy to rent a car in Australia, just be mindful that they drive on the left-hand side of the road, so take some time to adjust before getting too comfortable.

Once you start your road trip to your hiking destination, keep in mind that your drive will take time. For instance, a drive from Sydney to Melbourne will take you about 10 hours if you take the most direct (and frankly boring) route, even though these two cities look pretty close on the map. If you take your time and choose scenic routes through the backcountry with plenty of exploration opportunities, your ride will be longer but much more romantic and fulfilling.

Having a hiking honeymoon will definitely set you apart from your married friends, especially if you choose an exotic destination like Australia. So why not be unique—it’s a trip for a special occasion after all—and hit the Oz backcountry for an adventure of the lifetime?

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