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Get to Know NYC From a Bike: Best Routes

When people first get to New York, they mostly opt for iconic means of transportation like NYC yellow cabs or cheap subway. However, one of the best ways to get around and get to know the city is to hop on a bike. It will provide you with a nice workout, but it’s also a great way to enjoy destinations and get the feel of the city. For many experienced New Yorkers, biking is a favorite activity. If you want to try our hand at navigating the city on bike, here are the best routes you must take:

Brooklyn Greenway

Here’s one of the newest bike paths in New York. Brooklyn Greenway starts at Atlantic Avenue, from where you’ll enter the iconic and very green Brooklyn Bridge Park. This ride along the East River to the Brooklyn Bridge will take your breath away for all the right reasons. Later, you will have to cross some local streets, but you’ll end up in historic Brooklyn Navy Yard. After that, you’ll have a nice bike lane to take you past the Williamsburg Bridge and new Domino Park for some rest. From there, continue to East River State Park and shoot some Insta-perfect photos of Manhattan. Your final stop on this route will be Transmitter Park that comes right after Kent Avenue and Franklin Avenue.

Hudson River Greenway

If you want to bike inside the city yet don’t want to waste time at stoplights, the Hudson River Greenway is a route for you. It stretches along the entire western side of Manhattan and you can make a nice half-day out of it. If you’re up for a challenge, bike all the way up to the Little Red Lighthouse at the George Washington Bridge and continue towards Fort Tryon Park and the Cloisters (a cool outpost of the Metropolitan Museum of Art that’s 100% dedicated to medieval stuff).

Central Park Loop

This look is great for cyclists of all fitness levels with its 6.1-mile distance. Right at the center of bustling Manhattan, you will find a true oasis that’s Central Park. This is where you can ride your bike without having to worry about traffic, stop signs and other annoying aspects of city biking. Central Park loves cyclists so much that you can even find the most affordable bike rental in New York right in the park. You can opt for anything from regular bikes to tandem bikes, electric bikes and kids bikes. The loop is not that long, but you will come across many ponds, lakes and cute bridges perfect for a photo so your ride will take time.  

Prospect Park Loop

If you want to avoid all the tourists from Central Park, hit Prospect Park and have a perfect mix of activity and relaxation. Prospect Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, the same people who designed Central Park, so you’ll notice a lot of similarities. You and your bike will definitely enjoy the rolling hills, shade and scattered ponds and lakes.

Governors Island

Do you believe that there’s a place in the New York City area that has almost no cars? Well, that’s Governors Island for you. It’s easy to explore on foot because it’s quite small, but you can also make a few loops and have an enjoyable day of biking. And the views of Manhattan are stunning!

Manhattan Bridge

Sure, the Brooklyn Bridge is more famous, but the crowds are often unbearable. Manhattan Bridge, on the other hand, is not the most handsome one, but it’s a great path for cyclists. Its easy incline and good views will leave you satisfied. Plus, you’ll end up either in Dumbo or Chinatown, both are super fun.

New York is a true cyclist playground and it has something for all types of riders. From the iconic Central Park to the lesser-known Manhattan Bridge, you will have a blast on two wheels in NYC.

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