Best Travel Destinations for Shopping Addicts to Whip out Their Plastic

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Best Travel Destinations for Shopping Addicts to Whip out Their Plastic

If the pandemic helped you save up a bit of pocket money, now you might want to spend it somewhere and renew your wardrobe, fill up your skincare shelf and surprise your family with a few trinkets. So grab your passport, because we’re taking this shopping spree international! Here are the best shopping cities in the world that will scratch your itch to spend:

New York, USA

New York can’t be challenged when it comes to shopping. It has every fashion and retail outlet there is, plus thousands of boutiques, vintage shops and unique shops that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Malls like Time Warner, SoHo boutiques, Fifth Avenue high-end brands, pop-up shops on Bryant Park and Brooklyn flea markets—there’s really something for everyone.

Paris, France

When you think fashion, you think Paris, and for all the good reasons. This capital of fashion focuses on designer labels and is home to some of the most famous brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and YSL. If you’re looking to find all the most famous designers in one spot, hit Paris’ Golden Triangle (it encompasses the Champs-Elysees) which houses the best shopping in the city. If you happen to travel to Paris in winter, this same spot has a beautiful Christmas Market during January. January is also when you can come across many sales that will allow you to snatch a bargain and save a Euro or two (there’s a similar sale in August).

Sydney, Australia

Even though Australia offers an endless array of shopping experiences, you won’t find any angry shoppers here, sweating and running around. In Oz, shopping is a laid-back activity that has a very chill vibe. When you’re in Sydney and have time to browse, visit the prestigious Oxford Street or quirky Newtown, two of the biggest shopping districts. The Strand Arcade is another building you must visit, especially if you’re in the mood for duty-free goods, gifts, antiques and bling. Sydney is also famous for skincare products, so while you’re relaxing between shopping sprees, make sure to check out some beauty products. If you want to come back from your shopping trip looking amazing, you can buy Cemoy in Australia and pamper yourself like never before. You will not only get out with a bag full of products but also experience amazing service and help.

Dubai, UAE

If you don’t want to see any more malls in the world, you must at least visit the Dubai Mall—the world’s largest mall that also contains theme parks, waterfalls, musical fountains, ice rinks, aquariums and malls-within-malls (it’s home to the Galeries Lafayette from France and the Bloomingdale’s from the US). This mall hosts the yearly Dubai Shopping Festival in January and February that included fireworks, but the real stars are package deals and discounts of up to 70% on clothes, electronics and others. If that’s not enough for you, you can also check out the Mall of the Emirates that houses the first indoor ski resort in the middle of the desert.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna has its fair share of downsides when it comes to shopping like early closing hours which can be a buzz kill. However, it makes it up with its amazing values, the best in Europe. Make sure to visit the century-old Naschmarkt where you can pass by 1.5 kilometers of food vendors offering mouthwatering eats such as kaiserschmarrn (shredded pancakes), palatschinke (crepe-like dessert) and all sorts of seafood and exotic cheeses. Vienna is especially magical if you hit it in winter when the market gets stands filled with glass baubles, handcrafted ornaments and other festive trinkets.

Every city has its shopping opportunities, but these will satisfy even the pickiest of shoppers with the most expensive taste. Polish your card and get ready to slice the registers with some serious plastic!

Diana Smith

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