6 Neat Ways to Market your Eco-Friendly Business

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6 Neat Ways to Market your Eco-Friendly Business

Over the last couple of years, environmental responsibility, sustainability, and green business practices quickly climbed to the very top of the requirements of the modern business world. This development has a very strong rationale since a sustainable economy is not only critical for reducing the environmental impact but also offers very tangible benefits for the companies that adopt green business practices.

However, there is another thing to consider. Namely, according to a recent survey 4 out of 5 people stated they are more likely to buy from brands with a positive approach to environmental sustainability. That stance presents some very interesting marketing opportunities.

Let us take a look at how to market your eco-friendly business and use this trend to your advantage.

Go all-in with the green agenda

Marketing your company as eco-friendly essentially means exposing your practices to the public and drawing a lot of close attention. With that in mind, green-washing and limited sustainability scope can do you more damage than good. That is why, before you start reaching out to the audience, you need to go all-in with the whole green agenda and make all instances of your company as sustainable as possible. While you are doing that, you may get valuable ideas about which resources can be used for marketing.

Put more focus on sustainable products and services

Bringing the topic of sustainability out of nowhere can end up very cheap and desperate for attention. So, using these traits as a marketing topic usually requires some sort of natural segue. One of the best solutions to this issue can be found in the form of sustainable products or services. Even if we put aside the fact that such goods are usually very competitive and score good sales, they also serve as a perfect way to draw attention that your business is environmentally responsible and takes fair trade seriously.

Engage in guerilla and direct marketing

Both these strategies are incredibly frugal, give you an opportunity to get face-to-face with your future clients, and lend themselves pretty neatly to the ideas of sustainability and green economy. After all, why would you waste precious resources on expensive marketing campaigns and materials when you can simply get a couple of versatile pull-up banners, get to the streets, and spread the message directly to the people? If interesting and engaging enough, such methods can incite a very strong public response.

Use sustainable products and recycle

In other words, you need to live what you preach. With that in mind, using sustainable products and recycling will not only help you remain consistency we have mentioned in the first section but also summon a lot of goodwill in the local community, especially with like-minded eco-friendly companies. These relationships can later be used to engage in full-scale lucrative partnerships, joint community initiatives, the organization of green-themed charity events, and a very healthy dose of cross-promotion.

Invest in digital marketing

So, as we mentioned earlier, conducting large-scale marketing campaigns is inherently unsustainable and leaves behind tons of promotional material that eventually ends up as dangerous waste. You need to do everything in your power to compromise your business in such an obvious manner. Therefore, if you need to go big, use digital marketing channels as your public forum. Putting aside the obvious green implications, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional outbound methods so there’s that.

Engage in content marketing and blogging

Speaking of content marketing, let us remind ourselves for a moment that the people who show a general interest in sustainability are curious minds that like to spend hours researching eco-friendly and green topics. Producing authoritative, informative and, above anything else, interesting and engaging content will help you get some exposure with people who are not necessarily interested in your products (yet). You will transform your brand from a seller to a valuable source of knowledge which is a perk in itself.

So, there you have it – the top six tips that should help you use the general interest in environmental topics to help you put your company on the mainstream radar and score easy points with a wider crowd. Keep in mind, though, what we said about green-washing and exploitative practices – this audience will hardly forgive such blunders. Therefore, before you start making any specific marketing plans make sure your efforts are coming from the right plans and set your company on healthy sustainable foundations.

Diana Smith

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