5 Popular Travel Content Ideas For Your Tourism Website

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5 Popular Travel Content Ideas For Your Tourism Website

As people throughout the world plan their summer vacations, they turn to travel and tourism websites for ideas — and you can take advantage of that interest by revving up your content production. Uploading great travel content will not only increase traffic to your website but also help you to engage with your target audience and sell your products or services.

There are also some tourism-related topics people search for all year round, and having things to say about them will allow you to keep your website performing well even outside of the summer months. This is important for keeping your brand active.

But what type of content should you focus on? How can you best capture attention and get people interested in what you have to offer? In this post, we’re going to pick out five great ideas you should consider, so let’s get to them.

Activity lists

Travellers base their holiday choices on what there is to see and do in certain areas, so activity travel guides are always effective at bringing in visits. If you focus on this type of content, it’s best to pick out small areas (cities or towns instead or entire countries, for instance) to make it more likely that your lists will rank well. The bigger the search terms, the more competition you’ll face. Going niche is a smart move.

Accommodation suggestions

When it comes to vacation planning, accommodation is crucial because no one wants to end up in the incorrect neighbourhood or a hotel that isn’t up to par. With 490 million monthly active users, Trip Advisor demonstrates a clear desire for reviews and honest advice, both of which you may tap into. People will always be interested in articles about the best hotels, hostels and Airbnbs because accommodation is so important when travelling.

Travel safety guides

Presenting lovely destinations or the greatest places to eat will always have appeal, but some people aren’t looking to be sold on specific travel plans: instead, they’re looking for advice to help them travel safely. Whether they’re naturally skittish or just considering distant places with radically-different cultures, they can be in dire need of some pointers.

If you can offer them such pointers, talking them through everything from how to protect their belongings during travel or stay safe at hotels, you can do more than just get their attention: you can also earn their trust, establishing your brand as a formidable online presence.

Packing plans

One of the most stressful aspects of going on vacation is packing. You can offer useful advise in this area by creating engaging content such as what to bring on a specific type of vacation, necessary products, clothing suggestions, or tricks for packing more in your bag! You could even make a basic listicle article that all passengers can read before taking off.

It’s all useful, and you can get creative with your presentation by putting lists into infographics. Remember to ensure that your website looks good enough if you take this route, though: you might want to invest in a redesign (or simply swap to a new template) to boost your chances of getting great return on your investment.

Social media prompts

People want to know where the top Instagrammable spots are they’re so eager to share images and videos from amazing destinations. Social media is full of content like this, of course, since everyone wants to show off how successful and active they are. You can take advantage of this by producing blog entries about where people should go to capture the finest images or eat food that is Instagram-worthy. There will always be fresh topics to discuss, therefore the content will never run dry!

In the end, what really matters is the quality of the travel content you produce. If you can manage to establish a unique brand voice, you can get people on your side — so take inspiration from the suggestions above and start writing!

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