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3 Smart Packing Tips for Beauty Enthusiasts

Traveling may be the sweetest spice of your life, the way to keep yourself cheerful and continue widening your horizons all of the time. However, when it comes to packing, things don’t always look that amazing any more. Plus, when looking gorgeous at any given time and place is a must for you, packing can become additionally demanding. After all, your beauty routine takes a lot of time and effort even when you’re home and have everything you need at hand, but it can be extremely challenging when you’re on the road. To simplify things and help you organize your luggage to cater to your beauty-related requirements, here are some phenomenal tips for packing all you might need to keep yourself beautiful while on your trip.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with not wanting to leave your room without makeup, which is why you should pack all of your essentials and do so wisely. While you will probably be allowed to take all of your full-size bottles and packages in your checked luggage, you’ll still want to tone it down a bit, so that you can fit more in your suitcase without having to pay anything extra for it. Look for travel-friendly versions of your favorite products, or invest in a few multi-purpose ones. Next, bear in mind that you’re likely to spend a lot of your time on the go and you may want some lighter makeup on, but with a similar effect to what you usually wear. For instance, some BB cream with an SPF of at least 20 might be a good solution for your trip, as well as a small package of cream color that can be used on both your lips and your cheeks. Also, if you choose an eyeshadow in a stick, you might be able to apply it without all of your regular brushes, so that you can leave at least some of them at home. Make sure everything is closed tightly, so that there are no leaks, and that all your brush tops are covered and protected. Finally, don’t forget to bring a small bottle of your signature perfume, as there aren’t that many things that can make you feel as powerful as a few drops of your favorite scent.


For your look to be completed, you’ll want your hair to look as lush and as stunning as possible, which is why you’ll want to stick to your normal haircare regimen while away from home. First of all, think about how long your trip will last and if you’ll need to wash your hair at all. If you’re only staying for a few days, maybe a dry shampoo powder will be all you need. If not, bring compact packages of the products you normally use, such as your shampoo, conditioner or some multipurpose oil, so that you can give your hair the pampering it needs. Furthermore, you’ll want to have a hairdryer, as he hotel ones aren’t always strong enough to dry and style your hair the way you want to. Look for a good mini hairdryer, one that won’t take up too much space in your bags, but that packs enough wattage to do a good job on your hair. Similarly, you’ll need some top-quality hair brushes for your hair type, so that you can deal with tangled and knotted hair easily, without damaging it or hurting yourself in the process. The best brushes come in a variety of sizes, meaning that you can opt for the mini one, ideal for traveling, but if your hair is particularly thick and gets matted easily, you might want to take a bigger one, regardless of how much space it may take up in your suitcase.


When you’re fully devoted to keeping your skin healthy and beautiful, you won’t settle on any second-grade products or skip some of your skincare steps just because you’re on the road, and you won’t hesitate packing anything you may need while on your trip. You’ll want to start with some premium moisturizer, which you can apply whenever you feel the natural levels of your skin moisture are dropping. Similarly, as you’ll spend a lot of time outdoors, you’ll want to have a sufficient amount of sunscreen, so consider taking more than one bottle, depending on how long you’re staying. Next, you’ll want your go-to face masks, cleansers, serums and oils. Aside from that, you’ll definitely need some makeup remover, so that you can get rid of all traces of your makeup at the end of the day and go to bed with your skin perfectly clean. If you get some good facial wipes, you’ll find them useful throughout the day, as dirt and grime begin building up on your skin from all the time spent outside. And to top it all off, bring some hydrating eye pads, which will leave you looking fresh both after your long flight and the morning after a long and wild night out.

Traveling shouldn’t stop you from looking as adorable and as wonderful as ever, so let these tips help you be the finest version of yourself, wherever you go.

Diana Smith

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