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10 Travel Instagrammers You Need to Follow in 2020

Successful travel Instagram bloggers each have tons of subscribers (sometimes over one million) and hundreds of thousands of comments. Users are attracted by beautiful pictures from different parts of the world and the sincerity, honesty, and truthfulness of Instagram travelers who visit different countries and share the experience.

It is one of the few opportunities to feel in an exotic place, wherein in real life, these places are very difficult or expensive to visit. We suggest you get acquainted with the profiles of Insta travelers you should subscribe to in 2020.


Loki is a wolf-dog traveler who “shares” his daily adventures on Instagram. Of course, the page on the social network is led by the owners of the charismatic dog. They spend a lot of time in atmospheric places, conquering Europe, the USA, Asia, Canada, Scandinavia, and many other world regions. Loki dog even has its website with many pictures and interesting stories from different parts of the world.

Now Loki has more than 2 million subscribers, who leave at least 80,000 – 100,000 likes and comments under each of his snaps.


Jack Morris is a famous traveler who now lives in Bali. Over 2.7 million people have signed up for him. There is a lot of content made in collaboration with his girlfriend @gypsea__lust, who has a profile you should check prior to visiting Bali as well. They take pictures with professional cameras, which makes the shots of exotic spots very contrasting and simply breathtaking. Scrolling through Jack Morris’s Instagram page, you can feel Bali’s atmosphere without even being there. Traveler publishes not only pictures of beautiful villas and white beaches, but also shares a lot of secret gems of this highly touristic island.

This bloggers’ couple posts many romantic photos together from exciting places on the planet. In addition to Bali, they used to travel around Asia and the Middle East (before the pandemic), sharing awesome content from their travels.


Lee Litumbe is an African-American traveler who publishes many travel and lifestyle photos on her Instagram page. She spends a lot of time in Thailand and similar sunny places around the world. Exotic countries, sun, white sand, beach, surfing – such content is what you should expect to see on Lee’s profile.

@spiritedpursuit has got over 230,000 subscribers. You should become one of them if you draw inspiration from dazzling visuals. Moreover, expect to get useful tips and recommendations.


Chelsea is an incredibly brave girl from Hawaii who loves adrenaline, danger, and new challenges. Every week she climbs new mountain peaks, goes on complex non-tourist routes, and visits volcanoes and quarries. Its Instagram page has about 1 million subscribers. It is not surprising, because, in addition to extreme tourism content, Chelsea also shares visuals of relaxing holidays in Hawaii and other exotic places. This blogger is a professional acrobat who shares valuable sports tips and advise on new travel destinations.


American photographer Travis Burke travels the world and takes stunning pictures with his girlfriend, Chelsea. A young couple of travelers takes photos of starry skies, sunsets, sunrises, oceans, mountains, canyons, bays, and tourist life as it is. They prefer to travel around the world in rented SUVs or motor homes. If you are into travel photography, you just have to check out this profile! The photographers are from San Francisco. But every month, they go on a new journey away from home and civilization.


More than 500,000 subscribers find the Kiki’s posts are worth being in their news feed. And we understand why. The girl has already traveled to more than 20 countries and is not going to stop there. This blogger’s travel wish list includes more than 40 countries in Asia, Europe, South, and Central America. She does not really elaborate on serious topics on her account, rather simply shares her impressions about interesting places. Amongst Kiki’s content are photos and videos of oceans, bright urban locations, atmospheric secret places, food, etc. Perhaps Kiki will even become your major inspiration for traveling around the world.


The beauty of Italy has always fascinated me. Atmospheric streets, warm sunlight, and delicious street food attract not just me but tourists from all over the world. Simon Bramante is an Italian traveler who creates unique atmospheric landscapes and portraits. Visit this account and we guarantee that you will stay on it for a while, enjoying this talented photographer’s art.


Mel loves to travel around the world, try unusual street food, and share her experience. Do not All kinds of cookies, ice cream, national street dishes, pastries, meat, and many other things can be seen against the background of famous tourist places in the world.

Mel said that her tourist project started completely by accident. The girl initially asked people around her to take pictures of her with food, but she felt uncomfortable doing it. Then she decided to take only pictures of food on an outstretched hand against tourist places’ background. She sent her photos for retouching to the professional service PhotoRetouchingServices.net. After processing, the photos turned out to be unusually beautiful and vivid, they got a huge number of likes. Many of this blogger’s photos become viral and fly around the world. Do not go to this page on an empty stomach!


Sebastian Canaves & Line Dubois are famous Canadian travelers. They are talented nature photographers and travel enthusiasts, so they spend a lot of time in the mountains, forests, around lakes – you name it. This profile is a visual travel diary, accompanied by marvelous pictures of mother nature beauty. Bloggers share their travel details, recommendations of how to overcome obstacles, and show beautiful must-see places. Their creativity inspires thousands of people to explore Canada more. All these Sebastian and Line Instagram photos are made professionally. Besides, in each picture, you can feel the soul of real travelers who love nature.


Want to explore Australia but you are not planning on visiting this country any time soon? Welcome to Tanya‘s page. This girl comes from Melbourne and is fond of travel and photography. On her page, you can see not only photos from Australia but also other parts of the world. For example, the Scandinavian countries, Asia, and the Americas. This profile has already over 90,000 subscribers, and the number of active followers is constantly growing.

Use our suggestions to get some inspiration for your future travels or simply visually escape to exotic paradise while the pandemic is limiting our traveling possibilities.

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