Hotel training: how to start working in the front / back office, what are the main requirements to be able to aspire to this profession and how to improve …

These are just some of the questions to ask yourself before choosing a hotel training course to become a hotel secretary and aspire to potential professional growth.

Up to now, hotel training courses have been organized in collaboration with a training school but on request it is possible to book individual and remote training (via Skype or Google Meet).

What are the topics we will deal with?

  1. The tourist market
  2. Tourism operators
  3. The market segments
  4. Direct and intermediated sales
  5. Hotel and extra-hotel accommodations
  6. Front and Back office management techniques
  7. Front office professional figures and their role
  8. The organization of the reception
  9. The Room Division and related head of services
  10. The relationship between the various departments: The importance of teamwork
  11. Back office professionals
  12. Tasks of the front and back office
  13. The marketing of the tourism product
  14. E-commerce in the tourism sector
  15. The Guest cycle
  16. Guest relation and complaint management
  17. Overbooking
  18. Sales techniques: upgrade, upselling, cross-selling
  19. Communication management
  20. Revenue management pills
  21. Relational marketing

Who is the course aimed at?

To anyone who wants to know more or want to deepen some topics in particular.

The course lasts from a minimum of 6 hours up to 24 hours.

For further information or book your meeting, send me a message

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