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Hospitality and Tourism  is one of the online resources for the Hospitality and Tourism industry.

I turn to owners or managers of extra-hotels facilities as well as web agencies in Italy or abroad looking for updates and suggestions related to the world of hotel or non-hotel management and communication via social networks.

We deal with topics related to the world of hospitality, travel and tourism but also regarding the digital marketing.

Hospitality and Tourism is also a set of experiences gained by other professionals in the tourism sector and social media marketing who periodically contribute with articles in English or Italian on the evolution of the hotels and social marketing world.

Hospitality Travel and Tourism is also a Travel Diary, to discover beautiful destinations in Italy and worldwide. An interesting way to get to know new realities, cultures, customs and traditions but also to learn more about how tourism is valued and valued elsewhere than in our country.

Thanking you for the interest, our goal is always to interest, listen, propose, offer suggestions or specific advice, intrigue, create expectation and desire to discover more and more about the many issues that revolve around the world of Hospitality and Tourism.

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