The 6 Best Tourist Destinations For Your Next Vacation Rental Investment

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The 6 Best Tourist Destinations For Your Next Vacation Rental Investment

With the world slowly recovering from the coronavirus pandemic and the need for new travel opportunities continuing to increase, the international property market is truly flourishing. There has never been a better time to invest in real estate than right now, especially in terms of vacation rentals, which are set to bring the highest ROI in the years to come.
If you’re seeking opportunities to generate a cash flow while building long-term wealth as well, here are some of the best tourist destinations around the globe you should consider for your next vacation rental investment:

Bangkok, Thailand

There’s no denying that Bangkok is among the most exciting destinations in Asia, but this thrilling city could actually be great for investment as well. Bangkok is full of adventure, infamously welcoming, offers great regional food, provides efficient local transit, and is among the world’s top destinations for setting new trends.
All of this makes the city an attractive place to both visit and live in, meaning that investing in a rental property here could turn out to be quite profitable. Properties, and the cost of living in general, are quite affordable as well, which is why Bangkok should definitely be on your investment list if it’s not already.

Algarve, Portugal

In case you’re managing a vacation rental business, beautiful coastal destinations are likely your top priority. The Algarve region can prove to be the ideal solution. What was once a well-kept secret only reserved for Portugal locals is now a prime waterfront location for international investors.
The region offers imposing cliffs, stunning beaches, interesting local history, and incomparable hospitality, all while providing diverse property options at some of the lowest costs compared with the rest of coastal Europe. If you’d like your vacation rental investment to pay off quickly, Algarve is the right spot.

Stockholm, Sweden

While Sweden might not seem like the most popular holiday spot in Europe either, tourism here is actually growing at a rapid rate. Often referred to as the jewel of Scandinavia, Stockholm seems to be particularly attractive. Its warm hospitality, charming colorful architecture, and well-preserved old towns attract visitors from all over the world, making this destination especially popular for extended weekends and shorter holidays.
If you’re looking for a short-term vacation rental investment, consider Stockholm for your next opportunity. Just keep in mind that Swedish laws might be a bit more strict and taxes a bit higher compared to the rest of Europe.

Tivat, Montenegro

Although often overlooked, Montenegro is among the fastest-growing countries in Southern Europe. Tourism here is booming, the number of exclusive properties is rising, and the country provides a generally favorable environment for foreign investors with low taxes and good incentives. If you want to learn how to invest in Montenegro, keep in mind that Tivat is a brilliant place to start.
Apart from the stunning coastal environment and a relaxed, pleasant lifestyle, this city is also home to a high-end neighborhood of Porto Montenegro, offering luxurious properties, a mega-yacht marina, and some of the best investment opportunities in the region.

Oaxaca, Mexico
Although it might attract a different type of traveler, Oaxaca is still one of the most popular destinations in Mexico. Its trademark cuisine makes it the hottest food spot in the country, while its traditional feminist-highlighted economy, well-maintained old-world charm, and absolutely stunning colorful surroundings always place it high on popular travel lists.
Oaxaca’s authentic artist community and numerous adventure opportunities make it a common feature in popular travel magazines as well. With all this in mind, there’s no doubt that this charming bohemian spot will continue to be frequently visited in the future, making it a great place for a vacation rental investment.

Ambergris Caye, Belize

Ambergris Caye is the biggest island in Belize. And yet, there aren’t many properties here that wouldn’t be considered “beachfront”. Its tropical landscape, agreeable weather, and endless recreational opportunities on the water make the island an extremely popular destination among vacationers and investors alike.

Although the economy here is going on a steady upwards trajectory, property prices still remain low, especially compared to similar Caribbean locations. If you’d like to invest in a beautiful vacation rental located in a stunning tropical getaway, look no further than the island of Ambergris Caye.

In conclusion

The world is filled with stunning locations that attract and allure visitors time and time again. The destinations mentioned above are just some of the hottest spots for the most profitable vacation rental investments you can make at the moment.

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