Media Kit

My Media Kit – Hospitality Travel and Tourism turn to a mixed audience : both owners of hotels and other kind of accommodation facilities,  promotion agencies in Italy or abroad who look for useful information or specific advice or travelers looking for interesting suggestions or reliable reviews for their next holidays.

Hospitality Travel and Tourism News wants to offer its public useful information in Italian or English and since we think that online visibility is an extra boost to make yourself interesting and to be known by the social world and on the Web, I present my Media kit which is periodically updated.

My media kit is just a package of information related to Social Networking that I propose and develop daily on various channels : useful for creating interest, engage and reaching direct contacts.

I think that Social Media should be considered highly informative and formative, an amazing way of communicating and creating engagement around your Brand, whether you work individually or manage a small, medium or large Hotel or also any other kind of commercial firm.

It is absolutely true that Social Networking requires a great commitment and constancy as well as consistency and trasparency in the quality and quantity of communication you produce every day or twice or more a week. An alternative way of advertising and marketing.

My Media Kit

Numbers reached over time and periodically analyzed (latest Update, April 10)


Alexa Ranking : 5,274,130

Country Rank (IT) : 540,452

Category Rank : 10,180

Search – 100% organic

Direct – 5,22%

Links – 2,53%

Referrals – 8,85%

Search – 81,45%

Social – 10,08%

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