Hospitality Travel and Tourism is a Website & Blog dedicated to the world of Hospitality Industry. Tourism consulting, Booking, attention to pricing and historical data but also Customer care and Brand reputation. The use of Social Networking is simply a Plus.

Hospitality Travel and Tourism – HttClub is one of the online resources for the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism sector. Based in Italy, we are more than glad to welcome and compare with the Tourism industry of other countries.

Hospitality Travel and Tourism was created to express personal opinions or experiences gained in course of time.

This website / blog is turn to hotels and non-hotel accommodation facilities looking for updates and events related to the world of Hotel management and communication via Digital marketing

Hospitality Travel and Tourism is a set of experiences gained by other professionals in the tourism sector and social media marketing who periodically contribute with articles in English or Italian on the evolution of the hotels and social marketing world.

Hospitality Travel and Tourism is also a Travel Journal to discover beautiful destinations in Italy and worldwide.

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A good communication is necessary but success depends mostly on what we offer, on the destination where we are, on the human resources who represent us, on our Guests who tell their experience and share their photos during and after their stay