We dedicate this page to the Guest posting : If you want to contribute with your article, we are more than glad to welcome you.

We please you to follow some guidelines, listed below :

Topics to propose :

We write about Hospitality, Travel and Tourism but also of Social Media and Tourism Web Marketing.

Who can present his/her post ?

  • Any amateur or professional Blogger
  • Posting has to be carried out in a serious and professional manner in Italian, English or German

Features of the Guest Post : I guess that you want to present your article to receive visibility and good publicity around your name or brand.

So we ask you :

  • Subject related to the Blog
  • Length of the post : at least 300 words
  • Original post
  • Original image with a resolution of at least 900 pxl
  • Link to the text : we can accept only 1 external link and related to the text (Dofollow link by default)
  • Content marketing : write to get indexing around your content with the right key-words

Why do we accept Guest Posting?

  • Because we want to create valuable and useful content for our readers
  • Because we want to create a circle of regular Bloggers with similar opinions and/or goals
  • To raise awareness of new realties
  • To create a mutual link building and increase ranking and popularity

Promotion of Guest Post

  • Social sharing : we will share your post via Web, Social Media, specific channels for bloggers and Newsletter (monthly)


Considered the volume of the items we receive, this section has been added.

The sponsored posts have an advantage, for various reasons :

  • Presentation of Bloggers : if you want to be present as an Author, we can ccreate a short Bio with link to your site / blog
  • Beyond the previously entered features, we include the articles in 2 sections (one of which will be relative to “sponsored posts”).
  • Every article published as sponsored post, you get one free article

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