About me – My professional career, CEO & Blogger of Hospitality Travel and Tourism News.

My name is Luisa, I was born in Cagliari (IT) where I attended the Liceo (secondary school specializing in classics subjects) and started studying languages for school reasons and personal interest.

I started working in the hotel sector because I wanted to work with the foreign Languages and the tourism industry represented a good chance.

In Tuscany since 2003, I learned day by day how much the professional life is full of unexpected situations but also new opportunities.

Training through specific courses (in Revenue management and Web marketing), seminars, conferences, reading books has certainly open up my initial view.

My work experience did not start immediately in the Hotel Industry but developed in course of time, always in Front/ back office, thanks mostly to my IT and linguistic knowledges.

The role in Front Office was perfect to take care both of the customer care and the administrative sector (reservations, follow-up, pick-up, update of OTAs, payments), increasing in course of time skills and tasks.

Hello everyone : Luisa Rellini

My work experience as Hotel receptionist has been various, working in mountain hotel, camping, reservation center of chain hotel, Hotel-Resort of chain hotel, city hotel … I have discovered in course of time many situations always pretty useful and formative.

From 2013 I work as a freelance consultant on behalf of extra-hotels facilities, offering them my assistance in everything regarding the online distribution, reservations and correspondence with customers on behalf of the client structure, suggestions related to the sales strategy as well as creation of historical data to better understand the trends of sales, nationality in percentage of tourists and average stay.

The daily use of Social networks supports me in the business communication plan.

I periodically collaborate as Tutor for the Hotel receptionist course with the ANPA hotel training school.

From 2020 I have started a new partnership, for the commercial development and distribution of Business hotels on the GDS circuits.

I continue participating in events and tourism fairs in Italy and abroad to keep myself updated and to compare myself with other operators and professionals of the Tourism industry. The profession is built in course of time, keeping interest and curiosity for everything regarding the hospitality management but also learning from those who have much more experience and knowledge than me.

I have open this Blog in 2012 with the aim of creating a Travel diary in which to share personal ideas and opinions on the many case histories you can daily live in Hotel.

Over time, many other bloggers have contributed in Italian or English and I have released some publications and interviews on various magazines.

I know in advance how much I still have to learn but I think it’s worth it anyway!

I have always thought that every structure is special for something and that the service quality can be offered in any type of accommodation.