6 Best U.S. Cities For Digital Nomads Based on Job Opportunities and Quality Of Life

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6 Best U.S. Cities For Digital Nomads Based on Job Opportunities and Quality Of Life

Ever since the digital (most notably cloud technologies) blew through the roof, living the life of a digital nomad became an incredibly lucrative prospect. You can do your job from any place in the world – why would you spend the rest of your life in the office?

Still, the life of a digital nomad is also riddled with various challenges, most of which fall into the area of amenities and logistics. So, what if you could use all the perks and opportunities for exploration while still keeping yourself on a ground that is familiar and well-developed?

Well, the United States of America does offer a great venue to practice this train of thought. Let us take a look at some of the most appealing cities to get you started.

Nashville, Tennessee

The main appeal of living a life as a digital nomad is the ability to explore interesting cultures, soak in fresh worldviews, and meet new people. Being an unofficial country capital of the USA makes Nashville a meeting point for countless young people with an itch for the country and a love for the southern charm.

Also, the environment of Nashville makes it very easy to stay active and keep yourself healthy, and the culinary landscape is simply marvelous. Add to the mix a healthy economy and a very friendly population and you will get a gem waiting to be uncovered.

Photo by Steve Adams on Unsplash

Denver, Colorado

Located just under the Rocky Mountains, Denver presents one of the best marriages of outdoor fun and urban amenities you can find in the entire country. The city also puts a lot of care into its freelance community, so you’ll be able to find a lot of co-working spaces, bars, and local parlors where you can mingle and engage in networking opportunities.

And let’s not forget – the Nuggets are currently operating in a god mode. If you love basketball, here you will see some of the best games in the NBA currently. So, yeah – Denver is a great mix of all things that make nomads’ lives fun.

Portland, Orlando

Portland is an excellent place to make yourself a base on the West Coast. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the available Portland OR apartments are getting a lot of traction. But, Portland isn’t simply a gateway to one of the coats.

The city is surrounded by exciting hiking trails, its population is very young, vibrant, and business-oriented, and the city is incredibly easy to navigate, making commuting a breeze. So, you get a package that is young, fresh, cozy, affordable, and surrounded by countless natural wonders. What’s not to like?

Photo by S Edward on Unsplash

Seattle, Washington

Seattle always had a certain alternative and indy aura around it. People here are also very creative and forward-thinking. No wonder all things that came from this city had a massive impact on global culture. Seattle’s business scene shares a lot of these vibrant and out-of-the-box qualities, so it makes a great way to explore new ventures and start fresh.

We won’t bother wasting your time talking about the music scene, natural wonders just outside the city, stunning culinary offers, and, of course, no state income tax. Be sure to go through your travel checklist, pack your flannel, and give this awesome city a try.

Columbus, Ohio

Here is another hidden gem. And while Columbus is not so heavy on grunge music, this city hosts one of the most ambitious and creative startup ecosystems you can find in the entire country. The housing options are also very affordable so add these two things together and you’ll get a great place for networking and kickstarting your career.

The Ohio State University constantly rejuvenates this scene with new, creative professionals. Of course, Columbus is not all about hard work and no play. The mild climate, as well as awesome fairs and festivals, give this place a very laid-back and fun vibe.

Photo by Andreas Niendorf on Unsplash

New York City, New York

Ok, we couldn’t finish this roundup without mentioning the legendary Big Apple. Sure, the housing options here are not amongst the most affordable in the USA, and, sure, the hectic commute has reached a legendary status.

But, what it lacks in these departments, New York City more than makes up for in terms of culture, history, entertainment options, and truly endless diversity. If you are traveling from abroad and want to experience as many things as the United States has to offer, New York City just has to be your main hub. Vicinity to other nearby East Coast locations is also a huge plus.

We hope you enjoyed this short list of some of the most interesting US cities digital nomads should keep on their radar. But take these mentions more as a starting point rather than a definitive list. The United States is a country marked by great diversity and excellent job opportunities.

That makes it an ideal place for digital nomads of different backgrounds, preferences, and worldviews. As long as you have your personal priorities in check, we are sure you’ll find a lot of things to enjoy here.

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